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Gift Bag and 'Enjoy' Gift Tag
Gift Box and 'Enjoy' Card
Vintage Serving Tray and Card
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"Glow Gifts has become an integral part of our team by providing unique and professionally packaged welcome amenities for our clients visiting Portland. The Glow Gifts staff is creative, collaborative and quick to respond to our requests for new and unusual Oregon products that sometimes come with a last minute request.  Courtney and her team have streamlined our amenity process which has equated to saved time and money for our company."
- Desiree (Travel Portland)
"These gifts, the packaging, every last detail is incredible. I just showed all our brokers in our office and they are super excited and can't wait to put in their orders. SLAM DUNK, you are amazing! I can't thank you enough for such a quick turnaround on these, too. You are my hero!"
- Kassandra (Legacy Real Estate)
"The Glow Gifts team was the best possible elf for me as I bought gifts for my work team! The presentation of the gift was equally loved as the boutique items inside. And, as the gift-giver, I was proud to deliver individualized and thoughtful gifts. Definitely left my team glowing!"
- Alison (Hanna Andersson)
"I’ve been using Glow Gifts for my corporate gift needs for more than a year - they are so wonderful to work with! Our company is based in Portland so I love that they can get me local ‘Portland’ flavor gifts. But they’ve also been able to help me with other themed gifts, and were totally willing to research items and find the ones that fit my gift best. They packaged my items for shipping, created custom labels, the works. They made everything super easy for me, exactly what I needed. Love them! "
- Tawny (Standard Insurance)